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Milo Edwards is a critically acclaimed stand-up comedian and podcaster from Essex. He was a member of the Cambridge Footlights and a student comic before moving to Moscow in 2015, where he became TV performer on the stand-up shows Open Microphone and StandUp on the TNT network.

Since 2018 Milo has been based in London and become a rising star of the UK stand-up scene. His 2019 Edinburgh Fringe show Pindos (about his time as a comedian in Russia) receiving five-star reviews and the Scotsgay Comedy Award, later being released as a YouTube special in 2023.

His second Edinburgh Fringe hour Voicemail was critically-acclaimed and had a close to sold-out run at the festival in 2022. It was nominated for Best Show at Leicester Comedy Festival and transferred to a UK tour and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2023.

Sentimental, Milo’s third Edinburgh Festival hour, was his most highly reviewed yet and was nominated for multiple awards at the Fringe. It is transferring to a UK tour and the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2024.

Milo is a host of the popular political comedy podcast Trashfuture, which has around 35,000 listeners and has featured guests such as Rob Delaney, Mark Watson, Owen Jones, Franz Ferdinand (not the archduke) and Josie Long. He also hosts the podcast Masters of Our Domain with Phoebe Roy, and formerly hosted the Russian podcast TooMuch (Тумач). 


He has written for Mock The Week (BBC2), Hello America (Quibi), Breaking The News (BBC Scotland) and The News Quiz (BBC R4) and his writing has also appeared in Private Eye and The New Statesman.

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